Shenzhen Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd,
specializes in the development and manufacture of own-brand products,including HMI, PLC, HMI/PLC all-in-one and modules. Since its establishment
in 2006, the company has been focusing on 
providing various high-quality products with competitive prices for industrial automation, based on 
the belief of "Cooperation, integrity, pragmatism, innovation”.
Coolmay HMI/PLC all-in-one series, 
the original and innovative products of the 
company, integrated digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and outputs, and communications, represent 
the developing trend of industrial automation.
They are more convenient and flexible 
for end users, cost and space saving than traditional separate HMI and PLC. 
The products are used widely in the fields of 
different machinery, central air-conditional 
equipment and environmental protection 
OEM and ODM are supported by the company.

Coolmay New Release ----TK Series True Color Touch Screen HMI

The TK series true-color touch screen is based on customer needs and has been optimized in terms of hardware and software:
The solution without system operation releases most of the hardware resources, allowing the 408MHz high-performance 32Bit industrial-grade CPU to run at a speed comparable to 1.2GHz or even higher frequency CPUs, but the memory usage is greatly reduced.

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Concentrate on the heart and create a better future——Celebrate the 13th anniversary of Coolmay Technology

Concentrate on the heart and create a better future
——Celebrate the 13th anniversary of Coolmay Technology

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  • If you want to complete the work with remote debugging and programming, with the CM-OP module engineer, as long as the program is debugged in the office and sent directly to the customer, even if the machine is working on the production line, there is no need to worry and easy to use. Therefore, for OEM equipment manufacturers and system integrators, the CM-OP module not only reduces the cost of personnel travel, but also improves the competitiveness of the enterprise and improves the brand influence.