CAIMRS Outstanding Manager Award-Chairman of Coolmay Technology, an influential brand in the industrial automation industry, won another award

Release date:2020-05-16

After 10 days of fierce voting and selection, it was unanimously reviewed and approved by 12 well-known experts in the industry. The results of the "Seventeenth Annual Automation and Intelligent Selection of 2019" hosted by China Gongkong internet Announced On March 1, 2019.

Xiao Hu Zeng,as chairman and CEO of Coomay Technology, which is highly influential in the industrial automation industry, won the CAIMRS "Excellent Manager Award". 

Coolmay Technology is a national high-tech enterprise and a ShenZhen high-tech enterprise. Coolmay has been established for 13 years and it has been following the business philosophy of "cooperation, integrity, pragmatism, and innovation" and strives to develop the field of industrial control automation to provide customers with high quality and low cost. Embedded engineering products, solutions and services. 

Coolmay Technology has more than 30 patents, EU CE certification, and software copyrights. It has won the "Intelligent Manufacturing Leadership Award", "Electronic Equipment Industry Association Director Unit", (HuNan province Engineering College, Southern University of Science and Technology, ShenZhen University, etc.) school-enterprise cooperation unit, "CCTV Discovery Tour Column Partner" and other awards. Coolmay Technology is actively exploring overseas markets and bringing our national products to the world. Coolmay industrial control products are currently sold in more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

 Coolmay Technology is committed to creating high-performance industrial integrated control solutions for industrial control automation customers, helping customers to save time, saving costs, improving efficiency, and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.