Concentrate on the heart and create a better future——Celebrate the 13th anniversary of Coolmay Technology

Release date:2019-06-25

Looking back, we are proud of what we have achieved; looking forward, we should feel even more responsible. The achievements of the past thirteenth anniversary have laid a good foundation for our future development. In the future, we must be more soberly aware of the situation and tasks faced by Coolmay work together, and make continuous efforts to advance. We are a high-tech enterprise specialized in research and development, production of industrial plc automation products and provision of automation engineering services.    

For 13 years, the company has been following the development direction of China's industrial automation market, and has developed industrial control products that meet market demand and have strong industrial competitiveness. With the vigorous development of the company's business, the staff team has also grown rapidly. Under the guidance of the company's strategic goals, everyone unites and cooperates, forging ahead, strengthening team learning, and focusing on project tempering.

The company also pays extra attention to the entertainment life of its employees. We held the 13th anniversary celebration party of Coolmay Technology at the Huangma Hall Party Hall in ShenZhen On June 22nd, All the colleagues of the company spent a cheerful and relaxing evening together.

(Photo of the group photo)

Sign wall to commemorate (photos of handsome men and beautiful women)

Internet celebrity feast (catering photos)

Recreation (Entertainment Photos)

    In the future, we will still walk more carefully on the road, we will still embrace our dreams, no matter how difficult it is in front of us, we always have reason to believe that a better scenery must be in front. A beautiful meeting is always short-lived, but this moment gives every Coolmay person unlimited strength and hope. Thank you for the hard work of every partners in the Coolmay family. Don’t forget the original intention in the new year and continue to work hard to remember Our mission is to believe that Coolmay will be wonderful because of us in the future, and we will be extraordinary because of Coolmay.