Coolmay New Release ----TK Series True Color Touch Screen HMI

Release date:2020-08-06

Coolmay HMI (Human machine interface) family has recently added a powerful member - TK series true color touch screen. The TK series touch screens have been further optimized on the basis of continuing Coolmay's high-quality and high-stability product features, bringing a new experience to users.

The TK series true-color touch screen is based on customer needs and has been optimized in terms of hardware and software:

First, in terms of hardware, the performance of the TK series touch screen is extremely impressive:

1. The solution without system operation releases most of the hardware resources, allowing the 408MHz high-performance 32Bit industrial-grade CPU to run at a speed comparable to 1.2GHz or even higher frequency CPUs, but the memory usage is greatly reduced;

2. This series of products have unique built-in PLC functions, and users can choose and install them by themselves.After downloading the PLC program, the TK series HMI can have the function of PLC, which can not only help users to communicate internally, but also bring convenience without any after-sales maintenance cost, and solve the worries for users;

3. The TK series HMI supports cloud service platform, which can quickly and comprehensively collect relevant data, monitor the equipment in real time, and help users achieve refined equipment management.

Second, in terms of software, the TK series HMI adopts the mView1.38.02 upper computer software, which is simple to program and easy to operate, and its functions are also very diverse and powerful:

1. The screen is intuitive and easy to operate. It can easily make charts, histograms, various button displays, etc. using the mouse;

2. Rich language functions. It can not only use Chinese, English, traditional Chinese for programming, but also supports hundreds of languages on the interface display and is under continuous development to meet the product needs of overseas users;

3. 485 intelligent online function, which allows the slave station to be online again, thereby establishing a connection with the master station again;

4. Convenient engineering conversion function, users only need to input the engineering quantity to be converted directly into the register for conversion,which can be easily replaced;

5. Powerful data scheduling capabilities. It can help users perform control at a fixed time or at a specific moment;

6. Abundant network communication functions, which can support modbus RTU/ASCII, free port protocol, TCP/IP and other communication protocols at the same time to meet users' different communication function requirements.

7. Data security upgrade, users can set passwords and add permissions for specific registers, buttons, and screens, so that data can be more securely protected.

8. Label function. It can support user-defined register names, and can import or export specific formats such as tag and txt.

9. Support gesture operation. Users can swipe up, down, left, and right to switch pages and experience the real man-machine interface.

Third, the motherboards of the TK series HMI have added coating protection, and the panels have also reached IP65 protection, which can adapt to various harsh industrial production environments.

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