Coolmay Technology —— Walk with the times and set out for the future

Release date:2021-01-09

Time flies, quietly kicking off 2021 for usStanding at the node of time sequence change, we look back on an extraordinary year in the past, with tears and emotions flooding it, and hard work has become a footnote. The wheels of history are rolling forward, and we are always looking for precious fragments of forging ahead in the gaps of time, and with the warmth and strength they give, we start a new journey.

Fifteen years ago, Coolmay Technology embarked on the journey of automation with the original intention of "making automation easier". For fifteen years, Coolmay has worked meticulously, starting from nothing, from small to large, survive in competition and development in innovation, and eventually become an outstanding enterprise in the field of automation in China.

(Coolmay development history)


Over the past fifteen years, Coolmay's footsteps have been firm and steadfast, and the achievements have been remarkable. With high-quality, low-cost product advantages, through online and offline dual drive, not only domestic market share in a linear upward trend, products are exported to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and other overseas areas, allowing the world to see the power of Chinese brands.


In addition, in terms of soft power, Coolmay also handed in an excellent answer. On the basis of insisting on independent R&D and innovation, Coolmay has not only obtained 1 invention patent, 9 utility model patents, 15 software copyrights, 5 CE certifications, but also passed ISO90001 certification and intellectual property certification. During the period, Coolmay also won many honors such as the Red Sail Award, Technology Innovation Award, and Innovative Product Award. These hard-won achievements are the result of Coolmay people's unremitting struggle day and night, and the probity practice to "make automation easier,".


Fifteen years, Coolmay technology identify the location, while continuing to focus on the field of play to the advantage in the segment. The Coolmay PLC all-in-one machine not only solves the customer's equipment after-sales problem, creating a precedent for "post-retail costs", but also helps customers save a lot of costs. In addition, Coolmay also put forward the slogan of "development and innovation, flexible customization", on the basis of zero development time and cost, do everything possible to meet the individual needs of customers. 

Fifteen years, Coolmay has been responsible to customers and the society with a heart and soul. In 2020, a new type of coronavirus pandemic rages across the world, and China is the first to start the battle to defend life. Anti-epidemic supplies have become particularly scarce for a while; Coolmays relevant partners have successively received help signals from various places for the shortage of protective equipment.As a supplier of core components for the production of protective equipment, Coolmay feels the heavy responsibility on its shoulders. At the same time, the letter of supervision and resumption of work from the Ministry of Industry and Information  was also sent to related companies including Coolamy.

In order to solve the immediate needs of partners and even the entire society, Coolmay immediately organized employees to prepare to resume work and production, and tried every means to manufacture thousands of PLC HMI all-in-one machines for the production of protective equipment in a short time. They can ensure the good and stable operation of the equipment for producing protective clothing 24 hours a day, which liberates the labor force and greatly improves the production efficiency. At the same time, these all-in-one machines have also played a huge role in mask machines, effectively alleviating the shortage of epidemic prevention materials.

With the help of the PLC integrated machine, the production efficiency of many companies has been rapidly improved, and they have made outstanding contributions in the fight against the epidemic. Among them, Coolmay's partners such as Guangzhou Gaoke Garment Equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Yingfeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and Dongguan Maibang Intelligent Garment Equipment Co., Ltd. have been commended by the State Council.

Coolmay has always kept in mind its responsibilities to customers and society during its development. It is not only a deep company, but also a warm company.

Fifteen years of struggle and hard work have made Coolmay today. In the future, Coolmay will continue to work hard and start the next better fifteen years!