Large External Pumping Vacuum Packaging Machine Solution by Coolmay PLC HMI All-in-one

Release date:2020-11-19

Foreword: With the rise of modern high-tech, vacuum science and technology have also been rapidly developed, and its application range has spread throughout various economic fields. Especially in the past one or two years, the global vacuum industry has developed steadily, with new products and new technologies emerging one after another. Therefore, our company has also entered the vacuum packaging industry, adopting a brand-new PLC HMI all-in-one machine to control automated production and improve production efficiency.

. Composition and principle of the system

Vacuum packaging machines, including food vacuum packaging machines, are composed of a vacuum system, a pumping and inflating sealing system, a heat-pressing sealing system, and an electrical control system, etc. The external pumping type vacuum packaging machine will automatically seal the bag immediately after it is pumped into a low vacuum. Due to the high vacuum degree in the bag, there is very little residual air, which inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms, and avoids oxidation, mildew and corruption of items. At the same time, for some soft items, after being packaged by a fully automatic vacuum packaging machine, the packaging volume can be reduced, which is convenient for transportation and storage. The principle of the desktop vacuum packaging machine is based on plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil composite film as the packaging material. It vacuum-packages or vacuum inflatable packages solid, liquid, powder, and paste foods, grains, fruits, pickles, preserved fruits, chemicals, electronic originals, precision instruments, rare metals and other items. Vacuum-packed items can prevent oxidation, mildew, moth-eaten, rot and moisture, and effectively extend the shelf life.

. Working process and screen of vacuum packaging machine

1. Vacuum: the vacuum chamber cover is closed, the vacuum pump works, the vacuum chamber starts to vacuum, the package bag is simultaneously vacuumed, and the pointer of the vacuum gauge rises. When the rated vacuum is reached (controlled by PLC internal timing), the vacuum pump stops working and the vacuum stops. While the vacuum is working, the two-position three-way solenoid valve works, and the air chamber is vacuum-sealed, and the heat press frame remains in place.

2. Heat sealing: The solenoid valve is disconnected, and the outside atmosphere enters the heat sealing air chamber through the upper air inlet. Utilizing the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the heat-sealing air chamber, the heat-sealing air chamber is inflated and expanded, causing the upper heat press frame to move down and press the bag mouth. At this time, the heat-sealing transformer works and begins to seal; at the same time, the PLC internally starts timing, a few seconds later, the heat-sealing ends.

3. Air return: The two-position two-way solenoid valve is turned on, the atmosphere enters the vacuum chamber, the pointer of the vacuum gauge returns to zero, the heat press frame is reset by the return spring, and the vacuum chamber is opened.

4. Circulation: Move the above vacuum chamber to another vacuum chamber, that is, enter the next working process, the left and right chambers work alternately, cyclically.

5. Run screen

6. Parameter setting screen.

7. PLC program part

. Product features;

1. Advanced PLC HMI all-in-one machine, can program control program system, store multiple production programs.

2. Touch screen control, easy operation and maintenance. Alarms, faults, output and other information are prompted by the panel, and multiple modes can be set. Different parameters can be set according to different process requirements. The performance is stable, reliable, fast and accurate.

3. Can efficiently and quickly complete the forming, filling and sealing in a vacuum (inflation) environment in one program.

4. Adopt PLC HMI all-in-one programmable controller control, safe sealing, fast vacuum, consistent sealing, perfect sealing effect, check the production output at any time.

. Summary

The application of PLC HMI all-in-one in a large external vacuum packaging machine greatly improves production efficiency and is easier to maintain.