Coolmay QM3G all-in-one applied to sewage treatment

Release date:2020-11-19

1. Foreword

With the development of the times, water pollution has become more and more serious, and unpolluted freshwater resources have become less and less, and sewage water treatment has been included in an important environmental management project. However, the sewage treatment rate in our cities is low, and the environmental pollution management pressure is relatively high. Most of the current sewage treatment technologies are facing the problem of high capital investment. There is an urgent need for low-energy and low-cost water treatment technologies. With the improvement of national living standards, the countrys requirements for water treatment are becoming more and more stringent. In response to market demand, various water treatment machines have also emerged on the market. If you want to treat sewage well, you must treat the sewage in the most economical way. Compared with the traditional water treatment recycling scheme, we use fluorescent tracer method to treat sewage. Fluorescence tracer is indirect measurement by measuring the concentration of tracer, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic analysis and automatic dosing. At the same time, through the expansion of the installed PH meter, ORP meter, conductivity meter, turbidity meter and other automatic monitoring devices, the relevant signals can be collected and sent to the PLC to monitor the whole process of the circulating water system.

2. System function and composition

The core of the device control system is the Coolmay QM3G-70FH-24MT-485P all-in-one machine, through the HMI PLC all-in-one machine to control the dosing, which can save the medicine. Under the premise of ensuring that the circulating water reaches the standard, it can automatically and reasonably reduce the dosage of medicine, and has the function of manual medicine.

The device uses a standard RS485 bus form to connect the various instruments together, and then connects to the core controller Coolmay QM3G-70FH-24MT-485P all-in-one machine. The real-time curve, historical data and historical curve of the indicator can be displayed and inquired on the HMI. It has a list of alarm records, can adjust the corresponding parameters for different needs, and can realize periodic water recycling treatment to achieve automatic water treatment management.

The device can expand functions according to user requirements, such as increasing the monitoring of circulating water PH value, ORP value, conductivity, corrosion rate and other parameters. It can control the addition of acid and alkali according to the PH value, control the addition of bactericide according to the ORP value, control the on-site sewage discharge according to the conductivity, and understand the corrosion trend of the circulating water according to the average corrosion rate. At the same time, in order to prevent dirt from clogging the pipeline and achieve a comprehensive system of water quality supervision, it can add different doses of scale inhibitors according to the turbidity.

3. System screen

1)  Real-time monitoring screen. In this screen, the current status of each instrument can be monitored in real time, such as: motor running status, PH value, ORP value, conductivity, corrosion rate, and concentration of anti-scaling agent. When the communication is disconnected, the screen will remind that the device is disconnected and send an alarm. The program can be divided into automatic and manual states, which greatly facilitates us when debugging the machine.

2)   Parameter setting of antiscalant pump, you can set the start value and stop value of antiscalant pump. When the target value is reached, the operation starts to stop. It can stop the operation periodically, and set a week as a cycle to run repeatedly. In addition, the current running time can be recorded, and the security time can also be set. If the safety leave arrives, the safety protection device will be activated.

3)  Under different needs, the PH probe, ORP probe, conductivity probe, fluorescence probe and other sensors can be parameterized to suit our actual needs.

4)  Store data in real time. After the data is stored, it can be exported into Excel form through the software, which is convenient for data collection and processing, and provides data comparison for subsequent program improvement.

5)  The historical curve of each parameter can be observed, and valuable data can be extracted from the trend of the historical curve.

6)  Alarm record table. This table records the time when the alarm occurred, and records the time when the occurrence time was recorded, which is convenient for querying the cause of the alarm. After the alarm is reset, the alarm reset time will be recorded for easy query and record.

7)  PLC control program part

4. Summary

Through experimental operation, the fluorescent tracer dosing control system is used to control the dosing, which can save the medicament. Under the premise of ensuring that the circulating water meets the standard, the dosing amount is automatically and reasonably reduced, thereby reducing the cost.