Automatic Nailing machine control solution by Coolmay PLC HMI all in one

Release date:2020-08-12

With the development of the times, more and more products and lives are developing in the direction of data visualization. Data visualization has brought us more convenience, and the industry is also moving towards visualization. From the initial simple button, manual Counting, piece counting, calculation efficiency, to now fully automated data monitoring, human-computer interaction, configuration etc.

This case is to change the traditional riveting machine and do automatically upgrade of it, which can monitor the current output, faults, and adjust the time of each action in detail to adjust the coordination of actions.

Model: EX3G-43H-24MT

This program adopts data monitoring to clearly understand the current output, alarm, and one-key cycle start.

The number of tail tops can be set. When the number is reached, it will stop, and other parameters can be adjusted and set.

Real-time IO monitoring provides an efficient and reliable path for machine debugging and fault handling, so that users can find machine faults in the shortest time.

It can realize the installment shutdown collection function. In the condition,After we sold the machine, the customer did not settle the balance. We can set the collection password and the date. The customer will be reminded to pay the balance and lock the machine before the payment arrives. It requires the customer to enter the correct password to unlock, which solves the problem of difficult customer payment collection.

The transformation of automation has changed the boring and repetitive work methods, liberated our manpower, and greatly reduced our time to count the workpieces. We can clearly understand our work progress,output and efficiency.

The controller system adopts integrated structure design, so that It is very convenient to assemble the power system, and later maintenance process.  plug to use, convenient and fast.


I/O distribution and wiring

X0   Air pressure detection

Y0  Push nail cylinder

X1   Machine start

Y1  Nailing cylinder

X2   Stop

Y2  Blow nail cylinder

X3   Material inspection

Y3  Split nail cylinder

X4   Nailing switch

Y4  Machine alarm

X5   Machine start signal

Y5  Alarm signal

X6   Nailing signal

Y6  In operation

X7   Fault reset signal

Y7  Nail delivery completed

X10  Nail test signal

Y10  Setting completion signal







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