Paper Cutter Solution by Coolmay PLC HMI All-in-one

Release date:2020-12-04

1. The composition of the paper cutter

The parts of the paper cutter are mainly divided into several types, such as workbench, paper pusher, paper press, paper cutter blade and cutter pad.

Among them, the function of the workbench is paper feeding and discharging. In order to reduce the frictional resistance between the paper and the workbench, we generally carry out some special treatments on the surface of the platform to reduce friction. When the paper cutter is working, the left and right wall panels and the paper pusher must form a 90° angle with the platform to ensure that the size of the paper cut each time is consistent. In order to ensure the precision of the cut, the paper press plays a decisive role. Generally speaking, the greater the pressure of the paper press, the more it can prevent the paper from affecting the cutting accuracy due to deformation. The paper press can be divided into screw structure, spring structure and hydraulic structure. Among them, the hydraulic structure of the paper press has a wide range of use and a high utilization rate, mainly because the pressure is uniform and sufficient, and can be easily adjusted and controlled.

The working principle of the hydraulic paper press is as follows: the oil pump presses the oil in the oil tank into the cylinder to push up the piston and then pushes the push lever. The force of the push rod pushes the paper press down, and the pressure is adjusted by the overflow valve. The excess oil returns to the cylinder through the overflow valve.

2. Types

1. Sheet paper cutting machine is a kind of cutting machine with a wide range of applications and can be used to cut paper, leather, plastic, cardboard and other materials. The paper cutter is mainly composed of a main machine (also called a gantry), a workbench, a paper pushing mechanism, a paper pressing mechanism, and a cutting mechanism. The paper pushing mechanism is used to push the paper for positioning and fixing, and the paper pressing mechanism compresses the positioned paper to ensure that the original positioning accuracy is not damaged during the cutting process. The cutting mechanism is used to cut paper, the side baffle is used as a side stop gauge, and the workbench plays a supporting role.

In the production of printing, packaging, book binding, etc. , from cutting materials to printed finished products and after binding, the cutting of the raw material requires a paper cutter to cut, so the paper cutter is an important equipment for post-press processing. Sheet paper cutting machines are widely used in printing plants, binding plants, packaging plants, paper products processing plants, etc.

Cutting process of sheet paper cutting machine:

1)  Determine the position of the paper pusher according to the size of the cut paper.

2)  Make the aligned paper close to the front surface of the pusher and the side fences for paper positioning.

3)  The paper presser first descends and presses the paper, and then the cutter descends to cut the paper.

4)  After cutting, the cutter leaves the paper stack and returns, and then the paper presser rises to reset.

2. From the way of controlling the movement of the paper pusher, it is divided into three ways: stepper motor control, frequency conversion speed control, and AC servo control.

The stepping motor control and frequency conversion speed regulation control method can reach ±0. 1mm on the positioning accuracy of the paper cutter pusher, and the speed can reach 8-14 m/min (the specific accuracy and speed achieved are based on the manufacturer's Control system and electrical components. Different control systems and electrical components will make a big difference in accuracy and speed). However, the stepper motor control method is noisy when starting, which is not favored by many paper cutter manufacturers and paper cutter users.

The AC servo control mode has a great breakthrough in the positioning accuracy and speed of the paper cutter and the paper pusher than the frequency conversion speed control. The positioning accuracy can reach ±0. 025-±0. 015mm, and the paper pushing speed can reach 16-20 meters per minute (the specific accuracy and speed achieved will vary greatly depending on the control system used by the manufacturer and the electrical components selected).

3. From the operation interface (operation mode) of the program-controlled paper cutter, it is divided into three modes: button mode, touch screen, button and touch screen dual modes.

Program-controlled paper cutters operated by keystrokes were the first to appear, and the efficiency of digital paper cutters was doubled. It has improved work efficiency for many users and created more wealth, which is favored by customers. However, after the emergence of new technologies, this method cannot be compared with the touch screen operation method in terms of intuitive and simple operation.

The operation mode of the touch screen can easily realize functions such as equal division, equidistance, loop size, calculator use and calculation result input program. The operation is simple and intuitive (the button-type operation requires a combination of several keys to perform certain functions. Many customers consult the manufacturer for the method of use because they change the operator but cannot find the manual). The screen has a visual display of the detection switch status of each running link on the machine, which provides great convenience for the troubleshooting of common faults, and saves time and money for both customers and manufacturers of paper cutters.

3. Control program

1. Adopt Coolmay PLC all-in-one as the core control. The following picture shows the PLC control program

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