The egg incubator solution by Coolmay HMI / PLC all in one

Release date:2020-05-21

Product features: wet and dry bulb humidity measurement, enthalpy-humidity diagram, simple operation. 

Abstract: This article mainly introduces the application of coolmay hmi/plc all-in-one machine in chick hatching, which achieves precise control of temperature and humidity in the hatching room. It will alert you when temperature or humidity is abnormal, and the parameter setting is simple.

1. Foreword:

The egg is very sensitive to the humidity and temperature of the environment during the incubation process. Therefore, the controller needs to be used to stabilize the temperature and humidity. The temperature measurement is directly measured with high-precision thermal resistance. Calculate the current humidity based on the difference between the dry and wet bulb temperatures and the local atmospheric pressure, and use the humidifier and heater to control the temperature and humidity. When the temperature and humidity are too low or too high, an alarm will be issued. The controller can also detect the exhaust fan , and it will also alarm if the exhaust fan stops rotating or the speed is too low.

2. Description

The incubator uses Coolmay EX3G-43H-24MT-2AD-NTC10K as a controller. After calibrating the two channels of temperature in a dry environment, one of the two temperature probes is placed in a wet cotton swab wet with water to form a wet and dry state. Ball measurement system, the customer inputs the local atmospheric pressure to the PLC, and calculates the relative humidity using the Hyland-Wexler equation based on the atmospheric pressure and the temperature difference between the wet and dry bulbs. The heater controls the ambient temperature, the humidifier controls the ambient humidity, and the temperature and humidity have alarm upper and lower alarm limits. When the range is exceeded, an alarm is issued to remind the administrator. The controller also uses a photoelectric sensor to measure the speed of the exhaust fan. An alarm is issued when the fan is below the minimum speed. Due to the small space of the incubation room, it is required that the overall volume of the control cabinet is small. The control cabinet will be placed on the top of the incubator. The current temperature and humidity will be displayed on the HMI panel.

Hyland-Wexler equation

Humidity chart


3. Operation interface and program

On Temperature standby interface, real-time display: dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature and relative humidity in the incubator

The working interface of the incubator can be retrieved to view the temperature and humidity record curve, and supports different language .

Alarm detection part about temperature and humidity in PLC program.

4.Application: Incubator using coolmay HMI/PLC all-in-one: