The Protective Suit hot air seam sealing machine solution uses Coolmay HMI / PLC all in one

Release date:2020-05-20

Solution Advantage:

1. Support to control DC motor speed (PWM)

2. Support to control the speed of 2 stepping motors (up to 8 channels can be controlled)

3.Automatically compensate the virtual position and automatically retreat,reduce the blanking of the pressure belt

4.Automatic belt cutting and feeding, and automatic belt tailing completed to reduce material loss

5.With 2 channels high-precision thermocouple temperature control inputs

6. Automatic temperature control, high stability performance, temperature upper limit alarm design, protection heating wire

7. Up to 12 ~ 30 sets of transistor output switching control solenoid valve (10 times more durable than relay)

8. The size of the touch screen is 4.3 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches and 10 inches.

9. Continuous and stable operation capability, 24 hours/day

Electric Wiring

HMI Display

PLC Program