The Tunnel Traffic Comprehensive Solution

Release date:2020-05-20

The Tunnel Traffic Comprehensive Solution Controlled by Coolmay PLC HMI All-in-One


The comprehensive control of tunnel traffic is to use the good Internet and bus networking characteristics of PLC to network all the electrical equipment in the tunnel to achieve comprehensive control and state monitoring at various points. It may be required to achieve intelligent, integrated, remote and and unattended controlled. Compared with the traditional tunnel control scheme, the construction and wiring project is simpler and the fault handling is more intelligent and quicker.

Solution selection


EX3G-100HA-16MT-485/485-W(all in one)

CX-FIBER-A,CX-FIBER-B(Fiber module)

CM540-11K(Various Frequency converter)

Program implementation

Due to the long tunnel length and related technical requirements, the project uses RS485 networking and fiber modules as relays. The scheme determines to control each slave station PLC to achieve precise control by communication mode. The slave station is divided into meteorological data acquisition and frequency converter control, traffic signal light control, drain control, and video real-time acquisition.

Scheme system diagram:

System monitoring screen


PLC control related programs


Program features

* Adopting RS485 networking o realize communication, communication is stable and communication distance is long, and anti-interference ability is strong. Since the terminal slave station is far away from the control room , so we add the communications relays (fiber module), to solve the influence of the wiring structure and the loss of communication lines when rs485 communication.

* The carbon monoxide in the tunnel is automatically monitored, and the fan is linked to automatically adjust the air quality in the tunnel.

* The drainage system in the tunnel automatically turns the pump on /off by  real-time monitoring the water level in the sump.

* Two meteorological data collection points are arranged in the two channels to real-time collect the wind direction and wind speed of the tunnel mouth, and display the weather conditions and traffic conditions in the tunnel in advance through the display screen.