Coolmay MX2N Series PLC Weighing Function Application Case

Release date:2020-05-21

With the demand of the market, PLC has been applied to various industries such as food, chemical, agricultural, industrial breeding, etc. And there is a need for continuous accurate measurement of materials in these industries. Coolmay Technology MX2N-24M PLC has one channel weighing function to achieve the application of industries with weighing requirements.

Operating instruction

1. Wire the PLC cable, download the weighing program to the PLC, and turn on the monitoring mode.

2. Close M0 in the monitor mode, measure the data under zero point and store it in D200.

3. Put a weight on the load cell (a known weight object), manually enter the weight of the weight into D204, close M1, PLC will calculate the weight coefficient based on the collected data and the data under zero point. Save it to D212.

4. Start to measure, place the object to be measured on the load cell. The PLC will calculate based on the data and the weight coefficient collected by the sensor. The final calculated weight result exists in D12.

Part PLC program

Weighing program

Sensor wiring diagram

Load cell wiring

If you want a case program , please download from our website:

MX2N PLC can customize up to 12 AD / 2 DA in a special batch, with 12-bit precision. Use RD3A to read AD data and WRA3 to output DA data (you can set the upper and lower range); support optional RS485 or RS232 communication port. Support programming port protocol and MODBUS-RTU master-slave protocol, can switch through D8120 in the program, support communication through RS485 network, communicate with inverter and other equipment, high-speed counting input conventional 6-channel single-phase counting (X0-X5) or 2 channel AB phase count (X0-X1/X3-X4) 10KHz; can be customized to 6 single-phase counts (4 channel 60KHz, 2 channel (2 channel 60KHz); high-speed pulse output conventional 4 channel 20KHz, Y0/Y1/ Y2/Y3; can be customized for 4 channel Y0/Y1 road 200KHz, Y2/Y3 road 100KHz.

This product is an economical PLC developed by Coolmay Technology. For more information, please feel free to contact us.