Coolmay configuration software
Coolmay configuration software is a set of products developed by Coolmay Technology based on the current development trend of automation technology, facing the low-end automation market and applications, with the goal of achieving enterprise integration.
Coolmay configuration software is based on the Windows platform and is used to write touch screen programs and generate software for the host computer monitoring system. The software online simulation function can completely replace the touch screen and directly communicate with the PLC, and can realize all the functions of the touch screen and PLC communication. It can be applied to many fields such as data collection and monitoring control and process control in power system, drainage system, petroleum, chemical industry and other fields.

Software function:

1.Data collection
2. Switch control
3. Real-time/historical trend graph display
4. Real-time/history alarm display
5. Recipe display
6. Historical data display and storage
7. Historical data/alarm export
8. Picture and animation display
9.User rights management

Features and advantages:

1. Programming is easy to learn;
2. Convenient address setting, no need to add cumbersome equipment variables;
3. The size of the online simulation window can be set according to the computer resolution;
4. Online analog window supports voice broadcast;
5. The program supports multi-language display;
6. Support multiple communication protocols;
7. If you purchase Coolmay touch screen, you do not need to rewrite the host computer program;
8. Used in conjunction with the network module to achieve remote monitoring and control;
9. Low software cost;
10. Can replace PC software such as Kingview and Power Control;
11. It is suitable for a monitoring system with simple functional requirements and at the same time controlling less than 8 devices; that is, if each device needs to use the same Coolmay configuration software program, up to 8 Coolmay configuration software can be opened to monitor 8 PLCs;
12. An authorization code is only for one computer to log in to the online simulation function of Coolmay configuration software. After login, the authorization code will automatically identify the hardware information of the computer, such as network card, CPU, MAC address, etc.;

When the online simulation function of Coolmay configuration software does not apply for an authorization code, it is only used for testing and will automatically disconnect after 30 minutes of connection; for a long-term connection, please apply for an authorization code from Shenzhen Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd.