CM520 VFD/Inverter
Coolmay VFD can easily drive induction motors with high-performance current vector technology, and meet the work requirements in various environments. It is high reliability, easy to use, convenient maintenance, environmental friendly installation space saving and high design standards in terms of applications.

1.High reliability

Long-life design

Three anti-paint automatic spraying process

Independent duct

Reliable thermal design



2.Easy to use

Instant stop function

Various motor drivers

Support ES Driver MS backstage software

Flexible terminal functions

Built-in adaptive PIK function module


3.High performance

Applied the latest dedicated chips of motor control from Germany INFINEON company.

Applied the international advanced hardware and software technology to perfectly integrate into drive output

Over excitation function, driver output.

Steady speed with high accuracy, wide speed range

Fast current limit function

Unique speed tracking function



Dimension (L*W*H) 

86*114*143 mm 



Basic Function 

Maximum frequency 

Vector control: 0600Hz 

Carrier frequency 

0.8kHz12kHz. The carrier frequency automatically adjusted based on the load features. 

Input frequency resolution 

Digital setting: 0.01Hz 

Analog setting: Maximum frequency ×0.025% 

Control mode 

Open-loop vector control (SVC), Closed-loop vector control (FVC), VF control. 

Startup torque 

G type: 0.25Hz/150% (SVC), 0Hz/180%(FVC), P type: 0.5Hz/100% 

Speed range 

1:200(SVC), 1:1000(FVC) 

Speed stability accuracy 

±0.5%(SVC), ±0.02%(FVC) 

Torque control precision 

±5%SVC(above 10Hz), ±3%(FVC) 

Overload capacity 

G type: 150% rated current 60s. 180% rated current 3s. 

P type: 120% rated current 60s. 150% rated current 3s. 

Torque boost 

Automatic torque boost. Manual torque boost 0.1%30.0% 

V/F curve 

Five modes: Straight-line, Multi-points, Square V/F, V/F separation, V/F Semi-separation 

V/F Separation 

Two modes: complete separation, semi-separation 

Ramp mode 

Straight-line ramp and S-curve ramp. 

Four kinds of acceleration/deceleration time with the range of 0.0–6500.0s 

DC injection braking 

DC braking frequency: 0.00Hzmaximum, braking time: 0.0s36.0s. 

Braking action current value0.0%100.0% 

Jog control 

Jog frequency: 0.00Hz50.00Hz 

Jog acceleration and deceleration tome:0.0s6500.0s 

Simple PLC, multistage speed operation 

It implements up to 16 speeds via the simple PLC function or combination of DI terminal states. 

Built-in PID 

It can keep constant output voltage automatically when the mains voltage changes. 

Automatic voltage regulationAVR 

Automatically maintain a constant output voltage when grid voltage changes. 

Over voltage/Over current loss of speed control 

Automatic limit of the current and voltage during the operation, prevent frequent over current and over voltage 

Rapid current limit 

Minimizing over-current fault and protect the normal operation of converter. 

Torque limit and control 

"Excavator" characteristics, automatic limit of the torque during the operation, to prevent frequent over-current trip.

Closed-loop vector mode torque control can be achieved.