Coolmay HMI/PLC all-in-one machine has innovatively realized the high integration of HMI and PLC switch, analog and temperature in hardware. It can be used in various occasions requiring PLC control without external PLC and other expansion modules. The highly integrated industrial automation control solution uses pluggable terminals, which greatly facilitates the disassembly, installation and maintenance of terminal customers. It can be replaced directly when it fails, achieving "zero travel expenses" and free on-site maintenance.

1. Structure

Highly integrated, compact structure, cost saving and space saving.

2. Programming Software

HMI: Adopts CoolMayHMI touch screen programming software.

PLC: Compatible with Mitsubishi Works 2/ GX Developer 8.86.

3. Input

Digital input: 12 channels digital input.

Analog input: 4 AD inputs can be installed.

Optional: E/K/S/T/J thermocouple/PT100/PT1000/NTC10K/NTC50K/NTC100K/ 0~10V/0~5V/0~20mA/4~20mA or mixed type and other special specifications (thermocouple supports negative temperature).

4. High-speed counting input

Single phase 6 channels 60KHz high-speed counting or 2 channels AB (Z) phase 60KHz plus 1 channel AB phase 10KHz.

5. Output

Digital output: 12 channels digital outputs (Y0~Y3 are MOS tubes).

Option: Relay(MR) or MOS(MT); Relay output: max load 5A, MOS output: max load 2A.

Analog quantity: 2 DA outputs can be installed. Option:0~10V /0~5V/ 0~20mA/ 4~20mA or mixed.

6. High-speed pulse output

Support 8-channel pulse output. Y0-Y3 is 100KHz, Y4-Y7 is 10KHz; high-speed counting plus high-speed pulse total transmission cannot exceed 480KHz.

7. Communication

Support RS232 communication, and optional RS485/CAN/WIFI/network port (support Mitsubishi programming port protocol/MODBUS protocol/RS protocol/BD board protocol).

8. Program encryption

Support PLC special encryption, completely prohibit reading programs, and protect users’ intellectual property rights.





43KH480*272 pixels

50KH800*480 pixels


4.3”/5” TFT


Support interrupt, linear arc interpolation, PID auto-tuning.

32K program capacity, 32K retentive register







ARM9 400MHz




Input: Passive NPN, public terminal isolated

Transistor output: Low level NPN, COM connect to negative;

Relay output: Normally open dry contact

DO type

Relay(MR) or MOS(MT)

(Relay output: max load 5A/ MOS output: max load 2A)

Analog I/O (optional)

Max 4AI/2AO

AI type (optional)

Type E/E_/K/K_/S/S_/T/T_/J/J_ thermocouple/ PT100/ PT1000/ NTC10K/ NTC50K/ NTC100K/ 0~10V/ 0~5V/ 0~20mA/ 4~20mA/ mixed

AO type (optional)

0~10V /0~5V/ 0~20mA/ 4~20mA/ mixed

High-speed function

High-speed counting

Single phase 6 channel 60KHz, or 2 AB 60KHz + 1 AB 10KHz,

or 2 ABZ 60KHz + 1 AB phase 10 KHz

High-speed pulse

8 channels,Y0-Y3 is 100KHz, Y4-Y7 is 10KHz.

High-speed counting + high-speed pulse < 480KHz



1 HMI download port,1 USB 2.0 port

1 RS232 port


1 Mini type B USB port, 1 Rs232 port (Program port,also can be used as COM port)

1 Rs485 or 2 Rs485 COM ports (one is changed from the default Rs232 port)



CoolMayHMI HMI programming software


Compatible with Mitsubishi GX Developer8.86 and WORKS 2

Demension: 150*93*32 (mm)

Cutout size: 143*86 (mm)