Programmable logic controller is a kind of digital operation electronic system specially designed for application in industrial environment. It uses a programmable memory to store and execute logic operations, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations and other operating instructions in its internals, and then use digital or analog input and output to control various types of mechanical equipment or production process.

FX3GC is a compact PLC with features below.

1.Highly integrated. Supports 16DI/16DO, 8AD/6DA.

2.Default 2 PLC programming ports: Mini Type B USB (faster reading speed) and RS422 port.

3.Supports multiple high-speed counting and high-speed pulse.

High-speed counting: single phase 6 channels 60KHz or 2 AB(Z) 60KHz + 1 AB phase 10KHz.

High-speed pulse: 8 channels, Y0-Y3 is 100KHz, Y4-Y7 is 10KHz.

Acceleration and deceleration are independent.

High speed count + high speed pulse480KHz.

4.32K steps program capacity, 32K power retentive registers. Supports interrupt,linear circular

interpolation, PID auto-tuning.

5.Special encryption. Set password as 12345678 to prevent reading data completely.

6.Convenient wiring. 3.5MM pluggable terminals are applied.

7.Easy installation. DIN-Rail (35 mm width) installation is applied.

8.More specifications can be customized.




DIN-Rail (35mm ) mounting


Support interrupt, linear arc interpolation, PID auto-tuning.

32K program capacity, 32K retentive register

I/O level

Input: Passive NPN, public terminal isolated

Transistor Output: NPN | Relay output: NO contact

Digital I/O


DO Type

Relay(MR)/ Transistor (MT)/ Mixed (MRT)

(Relay output: max load 5A/ transistor output: max load 500mA)

High-speed counting

Single phase 6 channel 60KHz, or 2 AB 60KHz + 1 AB 10KHz,

or 2 ABZ 60KHz + 1 AB phase 10 KHz

High-speed pulse

8 channels,Y0-Y3 is 100KHzY4-Y7 is 10KHz

High-speed counting + high-speed pulse < 480KHz

Analog I/O (optional)

6AI/4AO or 8AI/4AO or 8AI/6AO

AI type (optional)

Type E/E_/K/K_/S/S_/T/T_/J/J_ thermocouple / PT100/ PT1000/ NTC10K/ NTC50K/ NTC100K/ 0~10V/ 0~5V/ 0-20mA/ 4-20mA/ -5V~5V/ -10V~10V/ mixed

AO type (optional)

0-10V/ 0-5V/ 0-20mA/ 4-20mA

-5~5V/ -10~10V (2DA for 1 minus voltage)


1 Mini type B USB programming port, 1 RS422 programming port for MR models,

1 RS232 programming port for MT models (Interface terminal is 8 holes mouse female port)


2 RS485 COM ports, 1 CAN(2.0A/B)


Compatible with Mitsubishi WORKS 2 / GX Developer8.86