Multi-channel Temperature Control Module
The CM-4TM temperature controller module realizes high-speed sampling (period: 100ms), and the side connection can be extended to 31 modules at most, communicates with the PC through RS485, and a variety of convenient and simple functions can achieve precise temperature control.

4 channels PID with independent chips


4 channels 16-bit high-precision temperature control module with isolation


Supports multiple 4-channel thermocouples / thermal resistors, 4TMS is 4 SSR outputs / 4TMR is 4 relay outputs


Temperature range: -200.0 ℃~1350.0 ℃  |  High-speed sampling period: 100ms


Communication with PC via RS485 (ModbusRTU), 2 RS485 communication


Simultaneous heating/cooling control, up to 124 channels can be controlled simultaneously


Multi-channel input/multi-range, insulation strength of each channel-dielectric strength 1,00OVAC


Up to 31 modules (124 channels/62 channels) can be connected, and the expansion modules used do not require additional communication and power supply


The connector wiring method is convenient for wiring and maintenance: sensor input interface, control output interface, power/communication connectors use pluggable terminals 


Application areas: hot runner system, electronic furnace, reflow soldering, catapult and extruder






Measuring range



4 channels

Input type

Thermal resistance DPt100Ω, JPt100Ω 3 wire

 Thermocouple K, J, E, T, L, N, U, R, S, B, C, G and PLII (13 types)

 Measurement accuracy

Below (PV±0.5% or ±1 the larger one) ±1bit

Control output

SSR: 22VDC ±3V Max.30mA

Relay: 250VAC 3A constantly keep off

Connection method

Pluggable terminals

Communication protocol


Supply voltage

24VDC (±10%)

Maximum input current


Consumption power

5W (Maximum load)

Sampling period


Withstand voltage

1000VAC 50/60Hz last for 1 min (between the input terminal and the power terminal)

Withstand Vibration

5 ~ 55Hz(cycle 1min) amplitude 0.75mm. X, Y, Z each direction 2 hours


90.0*64.0*32.5 mm

Working condition

Ambient temperature: 0~50 | Storage temperature: -20~60

Net weight

Approx 135~152g