L02 Series programmable logic controller
Coolmay L02 series PLC is a high-function general-purpose controller specially designed for automation equipment. L02 series modules can be expanded up to 31 units. Powerful positioning control function can support up to 8 axis high-speed pulse control at the same time. Suitable for various automation equipment, such as electronics manufacturing, labeling, food packaging, textile equipment and other industry equipment.

L02 series PLC products are mainly composed of two parts: the host and the expansion module.

The LO2 series PLC has the following characteristics:

  1. Strong expandability, 31 modules can be expanded, the maximum I/O can reach 512 points (need to expand the module in the case of power failure). 
  2. It can be specially encrypted, and the password is set to 12345678 to completely prohibit reading the program.
  3. Powerful positioning control function can support 8-axis high-speed pulse function at the same time.
  4. High-efficiency computing capability, basic instruction execution speed can reach 0.35us.

The LO2 series expansion module has the following characteristics:
  1. Used with Coolmay LO2 series CPU, the address is automatically assigned. 

  2. Standard DIN rail (35mm width) and buckle installation, convenient installation. 

  3. Using push-type terminals, convenient wiring.






programming language

Ladder diagram(LD)

lnstruction list

Sequential function chart(SFC)

Command processing speed

Basic instruction (LD)


Application instruction


Program capacity

32k steps

Storage capacity

Date (D)

[D0~D127] 128points General / [D128~D7999] 7872points Retentive / [D8000~D8511]512points Special


[R0~R22999] 23000points Support power-down retention /

[R23000~R23999] 1000 points Internal use

Expansion model

Max limit of 31 units: max 12 analog input/output respectively

Max l/O

FX3U mode: 512 points; FX3G mode: 256 points (the sum of input and output points)

CPU Digital I/O

16DI / 16DO

12DI/ 12DO

CPU analog I/O





256 points(X0X377)


256 points(Y0Y377)

Bit device


[M0~M383]384points General / [M384~M1535)1152points Retentive/ [M1536~M7679] 6144points General

[M8000~M8511] 512points Special


[S0-S9] 10points lnitial state/[S10~s999] 990points Retentive/ [S1000~S4095]3096points General

Timer T

[T0~T199] 200points 100ms General / [ [T250~T255] 6points 100ms Retentive
[T246~T249] 4points 1ms cumulative Retentive / [T256~T319]64points 1ms General
[T200~T245] 46points 10ms General

※The 10ms timer is affected by the scan period.
lf the scan period is 12ms,the timer becomes 12ms and executes once.

16-bit counter C

[C0~C15] 16points General

32-bit counter C

[C200~C219] 20points General

[C220~C234] 15points Retentive

[C235~C245 Single phase single counting][C246~C250 single phase double counting]

[C251~C255 Two-phase double counting]

High-speed pulse

4-axis 200KHz+4-axis 100KHz

High-speed counter

6 channels 60KHz

Do type

L02M32T/L02M24T: Transistor output, load maximum 500mA, low level NPN,COM connected to negative

L02M32R/L02M24R:Relay output, load maximum 2A, dry contact,

COM can be connected to positive ornegative

Default COM

Type-C, RS-232,RS-485*2,Ethernet,CAN


Mitsubishi programming port Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Modbus UDP,

freeport protocol,CAN, Ethernet/IP,Mitsubishi BD board

Data backup function No
battery storage


Flash ROM

Retentive area

MRAM has no write limit


Commercially available batteries CR1620(optional)


CPU abnormalities, internal memory problems, etc

Rated input voltage




lnternal current consumption


150 mA

Expansion module

Relay output<150 mA, other modules <80 mA

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Operating humidity

5~95%no condensation

Storage humidity

595%no condensation

Vibration resistant

Comply with international standards, lEC61131-2,IEC60068-2-6 (TESTFc),
Sinusoidal 5-8.4 Hz3.5 mm displacement,8.4-150 Hz 1 G acceleration

Shock proof

Comply with international standard specification lEC61131-2IEC60068-2-27
(TESTEa) half sine 15 g peak, 11 ms duration

Working environment

No corrosive gas exists

lnstallation location

lnside the control box

Pollution level